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YNAB: The Best Mvelopes Option


Most people who have a regular budgeting practice would tell their friends that their budget is much more than an Excel spreadsheet. Budgeting is not a new practice. It’s a routine. 

It’s like a math-based meditation for many. 

Okay, we’re admittedly biased (and maybe a little dramatic at times.) It’s possible that budgeting is just another chore for some people, but, regardless, there’s comfort in having a routine. 

When Mvelopes, a digital envelope budgeting app, announced that they’d be shutting down their service on 12/29/22, we noticed users on social media, Reddit, and in the YNAB support queue seeking a solution that would support their budgeting needs with as little disruption as possible. And we get it. No one wants the friction of setting up a new system and learning a new process, especially when the change wasn’t their choice. 

YNAB isn’t Mvelopes, however, it is an award-winning budgeting tool based on the envelope budgeting method, and we’re confident that you could create a cozy new space for your personal finances here. 

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