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YNAB Budget Reports : Check Your Spending Trends


Budget reports Budget reports! Long live, budget reports!

Are you looking to make financial data more manageable? Check.

You want a high-level view of how you’re doing? Done.

Do you want to know the intricacies of a specific category? Woot!

Do you want pie and graph charts that are colorful? Bam. We’ve got you, fam. 

Personal finance requires data. The YNAB Report functionality is a valuable budgeting tool. You can monitor trends, track bank account balances and identify areas where you are overspending. 

So, without further ado, here’s how to do all of that and more:

YNAB Budget Reports

With budget reports, you’ll be able to isolate and focus on the data that is most important to you—and analyze your finances from several different vantage points. 

In all three reports, you can filter by category groups,  timeframe, and accounts. Use the filters at the top of every report screen.

This budget report example shows you how to use filters in order to isolate particular trends.

Find out How Much You Pay for Immediate Obligations

The default view shows all your budget categories. But, if you wish to compare…

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