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Why Budgeting is Important for Students

Why Budgeting is Important for Students

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Student budgeting was something I wish I had taken the time to learn more about when I was a student because it’s a significant part of frugal living.

Years ago, I was in University, trying to balance my studies, a part-time job and friends while also being frugal.

The culture shock I experienced as a student was not prepared for by my years of living in Canada.

I went to University and College twice, when I was 21 and 30. My outlook on life remained the same, but my financial situation changed.

Finding a balance can be difficult for students who are deciding whether to go away to college or stay close to home.

Student budgeting involves getting through today so tomorrow won’t be such a financial burden.

I created Five SMART guidelines To avoid increasing debt, students can squeeze more out of their student loans and savings.

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Why budgeting for students is important

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