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What’s New Wednesday: Soccer, Yoga, Pokémon!

What’s New Wednesday: Soccer, Yoga, Pokémon!

What’s up y’all!

Stealing this idea from The Frugal Girl who shares new things in her life every week, and thought I’d do the same as I’ve immersed myself into a LOT of things lately and kinda just want to blurt it out rather than neatly craft up individual posts… Unless you want a whole article on Pokemon?! This is something I’m happy to do for you! 😉

Here’s what’s been brewing lately…

1) I have joined a football league for the very first time in ten years! Except my friend who convinced me to join it didn’t tell me the games were at 10pm at night!! At night! Can you imagine? I didn’t think I could do it, but surprisingly once I hit the field I didn’t even notice and all my muscle memory came back and it WAS ON. We played one game during a heavy rainstorm in the freezing cold. Haha… Of course, I’m one of the oldest ones out there at 43, but hey – It makes me feel younger just being surrounded by everyone 😉

2) I’m a yoga addict now! A chance encounter at a coffee shop led me to finally go for it after years of thinking about it, and now – four weeks in – I’ve already done around 25 classes! No joke.  I knew I would like it, but man – had no idea I would enjoy it THIS much, haha… I didn’t realize how powerful it would be for…

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