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What I Learned During a 30-Day Alcoholic Break

What I Learned During a 30-Day Alcoholic Break

I had set the goal of making a major breakthrough in my life earlier this year.

For some, this might look like taking massive action and hustling harder, but that wasn’t going to work for me this time. I’d tried that before, and while I did get results, I had to make a lot of sacrifices that resulted in exhaustion, burnout, and being stretched way too thin.

I realized that this time I needed to do something new. For my own comfort, I had to let go of the things I was clinging to. I used to white-knuckle through my life.

I’m an achiever, by nature. I am someone who wants to make things happen, and who will go the extra mile with you in order to see that thing come to fruition.

When I looked at my life, however, I saw that I was overworked, too committed, and yet, somehow, I had a lot to be thankful for. still It wasn’t where I wanted it to be. That is why this year, I’ve committed this year to fast from something every single month.

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To be clear, this fast wasn’t about depriving myself or my body

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