Home DIY We bought our house off the market!

We bought our house off the market!

We bought our house off the market!

Y’all, I am so giddy and excited about this. Matt and I paid off the house yesterday! We are the sole owners of our house. And since we don’t ever plan on moving, that means no more mortgage payments…ever! And that, my friends, is why nine-and-a-half years ago, I was able to see a house that looked like this… And instead of turning my nose up at it, or running away in horror, I was able to see the possibility. I knew it could be turned into something beautiful with a lot of hard work and determination, and I knew that if we bought this house and gradually turned it into our home, it could afford us a lot of freedom that buying a brand new, turn key home wouldn’t. It was not without its challenges. It meant that we had to live through years of construction, which wouldn’t be practical for many people. And there were certainly times that I wondered if I’d ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Matt and me bought the house on 1 acre of land for $83,000 in August 2013. We had already saved while we were living in our condo. […]

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