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The Revolutionary Power of Queer Self Love

The Revolutionary Power of Queer Self Love

The queer singer VINCINT says that feeling heard and seen is powerful.

VINCINT has made waves on the 2018 singing competition Four With a moving performance by Radiohead’s Creep. Recently, he told Sonia Baghdady that Advocate Now Why he chose that song.

VINCINT Talks Attacks on the Queer Community & The Four

“I sang Creep on that show, because I was feeling out of place. He says, “There was no one else in the competition like me.” There was no other gay person on TV who had dark skin, loved to sing, or was an artist. It was an opportunity for me to shine, and let the world know that we are good enough.

The artist released his latest single, “Romance,” in which he says it’s “about discovering that someone who you really care about has been treated badly and realizing that you could provide them with a better future and love if only they would give you the opportunity.”

VINCINT uses his music to show his queer Black perspective. The singer has spoken out against the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that has swept across the country. “We’re not…

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