Home Saving Tips Two Steps to Growing Your Wealth: Sept 2022 Net worth (-1.23%).

Two Steps to Growing Your Wealth: Sept 2022 Net worth (-1.23%).


Growing your wealth won’t happen overnight, but it is possible. Let me share how we were able eliminate our debt and saved over $100,000.

What we find interesting is that had we not followed our gut feeling about budgeting, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

A budget mindset is essential It was the culmination of our financial journey and what set us on our path.

Living in a basement with our dog was the most powerful way to get our money on track.

Being a Permanent resident of Canada Although it was wonderful, I still had to make money.

I was looking for a better life to share with my husband and to help society.

I saw Canada more clearly the more I learned about it.

I had to go back to school so I did, even though it meant that we were financially behind.

Canada was a country where you had to understand how money works and be safe There are many ways to increase wealth.

My financial knowledge of Canada can almost be attributed to a Cracker Jack prize.

I didn’t even know what a nickel or a dime was, and I’d hold my money to the cashier.

Sure, the cashiers laughed at me, and it wasn’t very comfortable, but I was working on it.

Take baby steps towards financial success

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