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The Top 2024 Grocery Apps in Canada

The Top 2024 Grocery Apps in Canada

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Food costs are rising. Grocery Apps by 2024. Grocery Apps provide Canadians with budget-friendly alternatives.

Priceflation and shrinkflation have exploded, making it hard for many to afford full-priced groceries or even sale prices.

Cost of living, interest rate hikes and overall Debt-to-income ratio, it’s easy to understand why Canadians rely on grocery apps that help save money on food.

According to The Canada Food Price Report In 2024, the average grocery bill for a four-person family is expected to rise by $700.

According to the 14th Annual Report by Four Universities, food expenses for a family with four members will be $16,297.20 per year in 2024. That’s an increase of 701,79 dollars from this current year.

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Top 2024 Grocery Shopping Apps for Canadians

Canada’s struggling food banks

Food bank usage is at an all-time high with a surge of newcomers to Canada, including students who can’t afford to eat.

The other problem is if people are struggling to feed themselves, there’s less, if anything, to donate.

Although the CEOs of Canada’s biggest grocery chains have agreed to work on stabilizing grocery prices, they are nowhere…

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