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TikTok Star V Spehar: Making Current Events More Accessible


V Spehar wants to make the news less overwhelming by creating their informative TikTok series. The Desk News.

Spehar started out filming cooking content but began to cover politics and current events after the outbreak of Covid-19. They wanted to make news digestible so people could understand the situation and how it affected them.

V Spehar talks Under the Desk | Advocate Now

They tell Sonia Baghdady that everyone was using TikTok “to try and make connections. entertain each other, share info about the pandemic.” Make an appointment now. “It felt great to be able to deliver the news to people in an easy-to-understand way.

Spehar films the series under their desk— literally— as they say it makes the series feel more casual, and less stressful.

“I wanted to create something different than what you’re used too.” They explain that I did not want people to believe that I was a serious journalist at a news desk and that I would tell you things in the same way they might see them on TV. “I was a citizen journalist who was scared and I was going…

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