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The Story Behind “Statement Cards”

The Story Behind “Statement Cards”

Morning, fam

A lot of you commented on how much you loved those Statement Cards we gave away the other week, so I thought I’d dig up an interview I did with the founder of the cards, Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez, to shed more light on the backstory.

It’s been a couple of years since we first published it, so we revisited and updated it for your viewing pleasure today, and really hope you get as inspired as I did when I first came across them 🙂 A fantastic idea, and one that’s very much needed in our community – and the world for that matter!

Big congrats to Stefanie for all her success with them so far, and if you like what they’re about please do pass it around to help her continue to get the word out 🙏🙏

Now to the Q&A!


Good morning, friend! So I gotta admit – when you first told me you’ve created your own line of greeting cards I thought you were joking, haha… But then I checked them out and they were BAD ASS! Was there a reason you decided to take this path? It’s not everyday someone starts their own card business!

In 2019, I was planning my wedding and was completely shocked by all the support, outreach and celebration that had come with it. I was…

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