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Leverage is the Power to Live the Life You Desire


Most people wish they had more energy and time. This is despite our hectic lives that seem to be getting busier every day. You can spend a few extra hours building a passive income source, or you can use more energy to achieve your personal financial goals.

There are many people who thrive in their careers, manage multiple side hustles, and live a fulfilling lifestyle. You can do all of this in the same 24 hour period as them!

So, the real question is – how are some people better at achieving things than others?

The answer is simple – Leverage!

They leverage the power of leverage in order to live the life they desire.

Today I am going to share some powerful tips that can help you use leverage in life and transform it for the better. Keep reading!

What is leverage?

“Leverage” is a word that you would have come across multiple times if you spend even a little time scrolling through the internet. What exactly does leverage refer to?

Well, if we go by the Cambridge Dictionary, leverage means – “the action of using a lever.”[1]

As a verb, leverage also means, “the art of using something that you already possess to achieve something new and better.” Leverage is also the power to influence results and turn them in your favor.

Apply this…

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