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The Flip House — The Final Chapter (It Sold!)


Y’all, the flip house next door has sold! It was actually sold to people who intend to live there. This means they have an interest in the house beyond dollar signs. They’ll actually care about the house and the neighborhood. It also means that I will not be responsible for the house’s design decisions. I was free and able to criticize as long as the house was owned by a house-flipper (and one who appeared crazy and greedy, in our humble opinion). But just like I would never tell y’all about the projects (or lack thereof) that any of my other neighbors are doing (or aren’t doing) on their homes, or give my public opinion about those projects (or lack thereof), this will be my final say on the flip house. But I couldn’t leave y’all hanging. After sharing about that house in previous posts (here and here), I had to let you know that it sold…finally. My new neighbors were very friendly and kind when I visited them a few days back. […]

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