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The Final Month, the Final Push


It’s December 1st. It seems impossible but it is. I am determined to give my best effort to complete the year with a strong push to get the home gym completed in the final month. Now if you’re wondering, “Wait. What about the bathroom?” don’t worry. I’ll be showing you the finished bathroom just as soon as I can. I have to paint the bathroom, do some touch-ups on the paint, hem the curtains and place the privacy film. And then there’s this… That would be Matt’s vanity mirror, which is now broken in to six pieces. Ugh!! Thank goodness it’s mounted on a thick cardboard backing, or it would be in even more pieces all over the floor. I was trying to remove the mirror from the frame to paint it. However, the caulk had dried so fast that the mirror snapped like a twig. Although I regret not having taped the mirror off to paint the frame, it was easy for me to get the mirror out. […]

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