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The Final Master Bathroom Renovation

The Final Master Bathroom Renovation

Alright, y’all. This is my final master bathroom update. The final bathroom, complete with the before and after photos, will be my next bathroom update. I’m not promising when that will be, but I’m hoping it will be before Thanksgiving, which is next Thursday. I’d love to come back after Thanksgiving and get right to the home gym and see if I can finish that before the end of the year. That’s the goal, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I have a few small unfinished things in that room that need to carry over into next year. But for now, here’s the final punch list for the bathroom. I need to clean the water closet. (It’s finished, but everything is covered in dust right now.) Prime and paint the one trim piece I keep forgetting. Paint touch-ups are needed on the trim and wainscoting along this side of your room. Remove the plastic from the door panes, and then apply the privacy film. A door pull should be attached to the door’s edge. Cover the switch and light switches with covers […]

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