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The Best Way to Deal with Dissatisfaction (It’s Not What You Think)


“Trying to change ourselves does not work in the long run because we are resisting our own energy. Self-improvement can have temporary results, but lasting transformation occurs only when we honor ourselves as the source of wisdom and compassion.” ~Pema Chodron The Places that Scare You

I was a yoga instructor and a passionate practitioner in my late thirties. I lived in a tiny, but lovely studio apartment in Tel Aviv Israel, which was right next to the beach.

Every morning I woke up in my big bed with a white canopy and said a morning prayers. After meditation, I did pranayama and yoga asana.

After I was done, I made myself a healthy breakfast. I sat down at the wooden rectangular dining table facing the large window and row of ficus trees, which kept me from the outside world. I ate slow and mindfully.

My life has changed since then. I met my husband, married him, had a son, started a business and moved to the USA. I gave up the two-and-a half-hour morning sadhana. My morning prayer stayed with my throughout this period.

I am grateful for everything that I have and for everything that I don’t have.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to…

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