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If you do well, take good care of yourself.

If you do well, take good care of yourself.

“Kindness is choosing love over hate, light over darkness, compassion over judgment.” ~Raktivist

One of the things about being “good” (and for me that includes things like patience, kindness, and being agreeable) is that people assume things about me. They think I’m always patient, I always make the right decisions, and I’m an all-around great person.

Well, I’m not always anything—except human. This means that I can make mistakes. Some are big. This week, I DID NOT set a perfect example. In a flash, I was loud and emotional. I melted down.

What happened?

My answer was the lesson.

It came to me during my apology: I didn’t take care of myself. I did not take time to relax, slow down, breathe and refocus.

When I’m run down, everyone feels it. And when I’m full, everyone feels it. It’s not an excuse for my behavior; it’s awareness that is teaching me how my needs fit into the equation of life. 

This one question sent me down the rabbit hole. The whole week, I remained curious. Why did it happen?? I received answers all week.

It happens because when you’re perfect, good, and strong, other people think you can handle anything because you normally…

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