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Simple Gluten-Free Red Lentil Bread Buns

Simple Gluten-Free Red Lentil Bread Buns

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A gluten-free vegan friend first told me I could make lentil loaf.

Well, it was new to me, and after I tried her recipe, I was convinced there’s more to vegan recipes that I need to explore.

Today, I’ll share her vegan red lentil bread buns topped with sesame seeds.

Best Vegan Red Lentil Bread Buns – Gluten Free

Lentil Bread Recipe

Yes, you can make bread from lentils, and I’ve confirmed this, tried, tasted, and true!

The lentils are cheap to buy in large quantities, so they’re a good option.

I’ve not tested if you can substitute green or brown lentils, but my friend told me she has done this.

The brown and green lentils need to be soaked longer as they are denser and more firm than the red ones.

She soaks red lentils overnight and other lentils over night for approximately eight hours.

As they will expand, it is best to first rinse them and then cover with cold tap water.

The lentils do not need to be cooked to make the buns. Simply put them into the food processer after soaking, rinsing and soaking.

Soaked Red Lentils
Soaked Red Lentils

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