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Short Circuit Stress & Anxiety….

Short Circuit Stress & Anxiety….

Our emotions and our breath have a primal connection. Diaphragmatic Breathing Our parasympathetic nerve system. The branch of the nervous system that regulates stress and anxiety. This simple exercise will activate the diaphragm. This exercise can be performed either seated or lying flat. Choose the position you find most comfortable. Close your eyes once you are comfortable. Observe your breathing as it moves in and out of the nose. Strengthen the connection. Place a finger under your nose. Feel the breath moving in and out. Once the connection has been made. Rest your hand on the belly. Continue to inhale and exhale. When you feel a belly movement, continue to breathe in and out. You are breathing in a diagrammatic way. Take control. Activate your primal power. Diaphragmatic respiration You can do it. margiesdaughter.com
Remember, practice makes perfect.

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