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Retrograde Analysis: Go Backwards to Solve Your Problems Effectively


We’ve all had our fair share of tough decisions – “Should I quit my job?”, “Should I take that promotion even though I’ll need to move my home or live far away from my family?” On top of the “should’s” the next steps to consider are the “how to’s.” That’s when all the decisions you need to make can get overwhelming. The time it takes to make a decision can be as high as 30%.[1]

A strategy known as “Efficiency Strategy” can help you make your decision making process more efficient and not take up precious time in your day. Retrograde analysis.

If you’re an avid chess player, retrograde analysis may sound familiar to you – and you may be surprised to see it here.

What is Retrograde Analysis?

Retrograde analysis, a strategy that is used in game theory to make decisions early to get the outcome you desire. This strategy can help you avoid making difficult decisions.

Retrograde analysis is used for working backwards from the end of a game to the game’s starting state.[2] This strategy involves going backwards and tracing the moves that led to the desired outcome.[3] This thinking approach can be applied to every day decisions.

Retrograde Analysis in Chess


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