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Reading the Bible Foolishly

Reading the Bible Foolishly

It’s a good thing to want to know what the Bible means. But left to our own devices, it will almost always look like adding in our own biases, assumptions, and grids, and that’s never a good thing to do with a book that severely downplays human potential and even positions itself You can also check out our other articles. When it comes to salvation, our works will not save us. Yet, we continue to try to climb a mountain that we are not meant to.

I had my own experience with this in my mid-20s, early on in my Bible-interpreting journey — an eye-opening paradigm shift that came, somewhat counterintuitively, with less trying and more submitting to the (foolish) direction of Scripture itself. Before I arrived, or was guided there by God and others I had taken the scenic route along the winding roads that led me to my own inward focus rather than the only One who could reveal mysteries.

Fee and Stuart’s book, “Fee and Stuart’s Book: A Study of Authorial Intent” was one of the roads taken. Fee and Stuart’s book Read the Bible to its fullest. popularized this approach in the 80s and 90s — at least in my circles — but many others have sung the same tune. The argument goes that the Bible is only what it was to…

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