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Quntis Review 12-Star Christmas Curtain Lighting

Quntis Review 12-Star Christmas Curtain Lighting

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Today, I’m reviewing the Quntis 12-Star Christmas Curtain Lights, giving my honest opinion, including the pros and cons of the product.

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Review Quntis 12-Star Christmas Lights

New Outdoor Lighting for the Holidays

Decorating the outside of a home is the same as the inside, as it’s a reflection of the owners.

We usually choose one color of lighting, such as warm white or bright-white lighting.

As they walk down our street, neighbors always look at our lights.

After reviewing the product last year, I recently purchased new Quintis Outdoor Lighting.

We removed our old lights because we are installing new fascia, soffits and eaves this summer.

They looked battered from the elements, even though I had them outside all year.

Yes, I’m lazy and don’t take them down as they are a pet peeve of mine, kind of like hangers.

Then I started using the Quntis fairy lights After seeing them on our large wreath from last year, I knew they would be perfect for the house.

Outside, you can see that the entire house is lit with new lights and…

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