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Print road map with cars

Print road map with cars

Jasper started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago–I can’t believe it. To be honest, it doesn’t change up our schedule too much because it’s the same as preschool, it’s more of the recognition that time is a thief and he’s moving so fast! In honor of this crazy time, we worked with HP on a couple of back to school printables over on Instagram but thought I’d share them here so you can easily find all the links. The first one is a printable road map with cars and the other is a forecast sheet where the kids can write down how they expect the year to go, which I’ll be publishing later this week. Each one was accompanied by cute videos. I think I’ll make one every year to see him grow!

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Print out a road map or a car.

This first toy I wanted a paper interactive toy. Jasper loves to line up cars on the other play map, and this one works as a puzzle. He enjoyed printing it and assembling it. He put his cutting abilities to use by cutting the cars. You know that I love paper.

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