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Point Blank Music School is a Partner.

Point Blank Music School is a Partner.

Dan Melnick

It is vital that DJs and producers, as well as singers and songwriters, continue to learn and add new skills in order to remain competitive. Point Blank Music School can make this process exciting and easy.

Imagine being able, from anywhere, to mix tracks, write melodies that are catchy, and even master the business aspects of the music world. Point Blank Online is the answer to your search. Point Blank offers world-class online learning that spans nearly 15 years. Choose from programs like our Music Production Advanced Diploma to gain the practical skills needed to succeed in music.

Point Blank offers an array of courses that are tailored to your specific needs and interests. You can choose to learn online or at our Los Angeles, California location.

Join Point Blank Music School today and discover your full potential. Start your musical journey now by visiting our website.


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