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The House Addition: Our Two Options


Our house addition was a dream and a wish for many years. Matt and I have talked about it as a long-term plan that we’ll do one day, but the talk never seemed to move beyond that. It was only recently that it changed. Over the last month or so, we’ve really, seriously been talking about it and trying to plan for it. And the reason we’re finally getting serious about it is because, after nine years of working on this house, I’m finally down to the last two room in our home as it currently stands. Here’s how that looks right now. The pink rooms are complete. (The bathroom before-and-after post is coming soon! I promise!) It is still necessary to finish the white rooms. The dark gray rooms will also be torn down. So as far as interior rooms go, I’m down to the home gym and my studio, which will include a small makeover in the studio half bath. Once the sunroom and original (tiny) master bathroom are torn down, here’s what we’re wanting to add in the orange… As we’ve talked about it, we’ve come up with two different options. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure […]

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