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The Finished Master Bathroom Remodel! (Before & After)


Y’all, the day is finally here! After a year-and-a-half of working on this master bathroom remodel, it’s finally done, and I have a load of photos to show you. I will write a follow up post later in the week, which will include details about the cost and sources. For now, I wanted to show you the photos. We’ve all been waiting way too long for this! This is definitely a room remodeling project. This was a complete room remodel. We tore down a room to the studs, floor and ceiling joists and rebuilt it from scratch. But it’s a bit misleading to call it a master bathroom remodel. This implies that we completely renovated a master bathroom. The actual work was to take the old master bedroom and make it into a large master bath. Because we completely changed the function of the room, and because we turned it into a very large wheelchair-accessible master bathroom, this was not a cheap remodel, even with me doing half of the work myself. My family helped me to demolish the room. Then my contractor took over, and his crew did all the basic foundational work. […]

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