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Our Unfortunate End to 2022: COVID and Two Hospital Stays. Near Death by Saline


Y’all! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve been here, and it’s even harder for me to believe that we’ve already arrived at 2023. To say that these last two weeks didn’t go as planned would be the understatement of 2022. It all began Tuesday, the day after I posted our last master bathroom before/after on Monday, Dec 19th. To make it possible to post the details on Wednesday, I planned to spend Tuesday collecting all of the sources and costs for our bathroom. On Friday, I would wrap up 2022 by posting my year-in-review. And then I’d spend the next week relaxing, watching cheesy Christmas rom-com movies, eating, napping, and gearing up for the new year. Well, obviously, that’s not what happened at all. When I woke up Tuesday 20th, my head was pounding and my whole body, neck and shoulders were aching, things started to go awry. I didn’t think anything of it, really. I thought it was a bad night, so I took Advil and waited for the Advil to kick in. Some of the pain went away. […]

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