Home Featured New Book Alert and Giveaway!): “Pathfinders” by JL Collins

New Book Alert and Giveaway!): “Pathfinders” by JL Collins

New Book Alert and Giveaway!): “Pathfinders” by JL Collins

What’s up y’all!

The Godfather of FI, as well as being his favorite god, has released a book.The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. I of course was given a couple of copies to give away today – to my GodChildren’s Books! Lol… (is that creepy?)

JL is behind the popular blog and book. The Simple Path to Wealth, which you’ll typically see pop up on peoples’ Best Lists and which 100% needs to be on your bookshelf as it’s a classic.

Hell, why not also give away that copy today? I think it’s necessary 💪

  • Giveaway #1: Pathfinders (2 copies).
  • Then Giveaway #2 (1 Copy): The Simple Path To Wealth

Here’s a closer look at both of them, then drop by the comments (or email me back if you’re reading this in my newsletter) by Sunday night and tell me which one you want! You can pick one or both, but you must live in the US to be eligible for this prize.

They would make great gifts for any occasion. FANTASTIC Christmas present for someone you love too!! You can also give a hint to someone you love!! 🤣)


Extraordinary Stories of People Like You on the Quest for Financial Independence―And How to Join Them

JL himself.

Pathfinders is a two-year project that I wanted to finish in 2016.

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