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Meg Myers: Spirituality in Music, Daily Life and Music


Meg Myers, a musician, has always included spirituality in her music. Now she shares with you how to incorporate it into your daily life.

Myers invented the genre 5D Rock, which she describes as a “messenger” who acts as “the bridgebetween the nonphysical realms and the physical realm.”

Meg Meyers | Advocate Now

Myers tells Sonia Baghdady that “My music has changed because it began in me needing express all the pain and suffering that I was experiencing.” Get involved now. “When I shine my light on the darkness, there is liberation in that.”

Myers’ new single SophiaThis tribute is to Iranian women who have risen up and united after recent protestor killings and crackdowns on women’s rights.

Myers explained, “It is a message to unity, and it just reminds us that there’s always forgiveness available for all of us.” “Like, that’s [where] I think a lot of the fear comes from — these places of trauma in ourselves and wounds. We just keep going, going, going on this vicious cycle that involves reincarnation and death as well as rebirth. Then we become victims and perpetrators. … It will continue until we get up and say…

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