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Looking ahead: Finishing My Studio


As I’m working to get our master bathroom photo ready for its big reveal (which I hope will be on Monday, but Tuesday at the latest) and finish up the home gym, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my studio, which will be the final room to finish in our home pre-addition. Matt and I are still trying to figure out when we will add that huge addition. No firm plans yet, but at least we’re talking about it regularly and seriously.) Anyway, let’s get back to the studio. I had already mentioned a few months back that some changes are coming to the studio. I mentioned previously that the studio’s green back entranceway would be repainted and the walls in its bathroom will also be repainted. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot lately, as we open up our home to visitors, and I am beginning to realize how significant the changes that will be made in the studio. Until recently, I’ve always considered my studio a separate part of the house. And as a separate part of the house, I never thought it needed to “flow” with the main part of the house. It’s my space where I can […]

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