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Jumbo Banana White Chip Cookies

Jumbo Banana White Chip Cookies

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You can also find out more about the following: Banana white chocolate chip cookies are chewy, thick, flavourful, and filled with white, pink, and yellow Chipits for Valentine’s Day.

We settled for the blue Chipits because I couldn’t find the pink Chipits that my young chef wanted. Hershey’s White Chocolate and Unicorn Chipits.

(Peanut-Free) Banana White Chocolate Chip Cookies For Valentine’s Day

Making the Banana White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hershey's Unicorn Chipits Limited Edition
Hershey’s Unicorn Chipits Limited Edition

I had to negotiate with our son as we established Valentine’s Day recipes for his class.

We had a lot of bananas in our fruit bowl, so we needed to add them to the cookie.

It’s a case of one week, he loves bananas, and the next, he’s not so sure about them.

Our son wanted to create a Valentine’s cookie that tasted like bananas but with pink and white chocolate chips.

In the course of our negotiations, I told him that a cookie round is very similar to You can also check out our Facebook page. as it’s the circle of life and unity and symbolizes completion.

Valentine's Heart Cookie Cutters Amazon Canada
Valentine’s Heart Cookie Cutters Amazon Canada

I’m not a cookie artist, and I knew I’d fail miserably if I tried to shape these into hearts.

If you are a baker, then…

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