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Jillian Michaels Gets Candid on Disparities in the Fitness World & More


Jillian Michaels opens up about the disparities in fitness.

Sonia Baghdady was recently informed by the renowned TV personality and personal trainer, of his status as a television personality. Get involved now She says that she believes health is so much more than pop culture and there is a large audience to reach.

Jillian Michaels | Advocate Now

Michaels says that feeling strong in one area can lead to strength in others. He adds, “For someone to be healthy they must also love themselves. Only when you truly value yourself and believe that you’re worthy of it, can we put in the effort and invest in ourselves.”

Michaels claims that the fitness industry has not made an effort to appeal more to people of color, especially Black communities. She says the problem is a lack of understanding.

Michaels shares that Purcell Dugger is a New York-based trainer and they were discussing ways to make fitness more appealing to the black community. “He was like, you’re right, so many corporations and so many people that aren’t African don’t know black history with the medical community. If you want to attract that community, you must understand. [it] better.”

She continues: “And I…

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