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Jane Badler on Harry Hains: One Love Music Video to Honor His Late Son


Michael J. Saul, director of animated music videos for Harry Hains’ song, has created an animated video in his honor. One Love. Jane Badler, Hains’ mother and a featured singer on the song, wishes to share her son’s vision for love and acceptance.

Although he was most well-known for his role in American Horror Story Antiboy, the genderfluid actor, was also an experimental musician. He tried to break down binaries with Antiboy (a Ziggy Stardust-esque alterego).

Badler tells Tracy E. Gilchrist that he created Antiboy, which is a play on the character–not quite boy, not really girl, Antiboy.” Advocate Today. “And he used that title, and in his head it was this futuristic, 2025-born character… which is kinda part machine and part human. He kept returning to Earth in an effort to undo the heartache. He was in an unhappy relationship and he kept returning to the spot where it didn’t work out to sort of undo the heartache.

Badler shared that Hains was not gendered as a child. He found a way to express himself through fantasy worlds and characters thanks to his love for fantasy.

“He didn’t understand boy, girl. He stated that he was born a girl but never identified himself as a man. He didn’t identify as a…

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