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What is timeless design?

What is timeless design?

I’ve been working in the studio this week, clearing out the room, packing things up, and getting ready to paint the ceiling, walls, and floor. It’s a big job because that room is large, and it has accumulated a lot of stuff! While packing up and reorganizing the room yesterday, I found my collection. At least 300 magazines. These were from around 2005. I didn’t take the time to look at them, because I just wanted to get the room cleared out. I decided to dispose of all of them. It was unlikely that I would ever look at those magazines again. I did notice one magazine. I think it’s a Better Homes & Gardens special publication. At first, I thought it was Elle Decor, but it’s not. And as you can see, the cover literally says “The Most Stunning Rooms Ever”. That’s a pretty big claim! I remember purchasing this. I was in Barnes & Noble, and I saw it, flipped through it, and was absolutely captivated by it. The claim on the cover of the book was something I believed. […]

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