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How top-up grocery shopping works

How top-up grocery shopping works

Recently, I completed a survey about my grocery shopping experience for Zehrs. It asked me about top-up grocery buying vs. large grocery stores.

After much thought, I finally completed the survey to let the store how they were doing.

Also, I was curious to see what Zehrs was learning from customers.

I’ve learned that we are a family who does a large grocery shop once a month and top-up grocery shopping in between.

BotaneyBay76, a Reddit user, shared her strategies for reducing grocery costs. It almost mirrors the process of grocery shopping.

But how can you save money on top-up grocery shop?

Surprisingly, there are benefits to topping up grocery shopping. However, it can also be expensive.

How to Grocery Shop by Topping Up

Grocery Shop Vs. Grocery Shopping at Top-Up Prices

While extensive vs. topping-up grocery shopping may seem simple for some, for others it is quite a novel concept.

I find it common for Canadians, including myself, to get lost in the shuffle no matter what shopping method they choose.

We all have bad grocery shopping days.

It’s easy to have the answers to saving money buying groceries and another to…

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