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These are 4 simple rules to help you stress less about money


If you’re new to YNAB, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to stress less about money at some point. We’re even willing to bet you might’ve tried budgeting before. Perhaps it was something like this:

You have decided that you need to create a financial plan. You outlined your expected income and expenses. It was a lot of work, but it was worthwhile. By checking your bank account more often, you could keep track of how much you spent. When life didn’t go as planned, the budget couldn’t keep up. It felt like a big letdown—a new source of financial anxiety, even. You then decided budgeting just isn’t for you. Or maybe you’ll try this whole “responsible money management” thing again in a few months when life “calms down” and you feel more in control. 

But it’s not your fault that your budget didn’t work. It’s because you were using a flawed system. There was no way to determine what was most important. There was no guarantee that the month would go as planned. There was also no room for flexibility. As soon as life didn’t line up with your predictions, that monthly budget failed in one giant womp-womp bummerfest.

Here’s some good news: There are Is Budgeting is…

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