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How to stop being merely existing and start living the life you want


Are you living your life counting down to the weekend or the next vacation?

Do you feel stuck in the midst of your goals? Like you’re just getting through your days but not actually accomplishing the things that would make you really happy or that would make your life feel fulfilled and meaningful?

If this is you, it might seem like you are simply existing. Complete Living. Do not miss the opportunity to live your life to its fullest. Why would you let your unique life pass without living each day to the fullest?  You wouldn’t. However, it can feel difficult to let go of that space and get into the life that you really want.

There is hope. By truly getting intentional with what you want and focusing on what’s meaningful to you, you can create the life of your highest potential.

Here’s how to get started with living the life you want:

1. Connect with you

To live the life you want, it is important to connect with yourself. You can start by learning to be present – to notice and appreciate the little moments…

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