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How to Start a Blog and Make Money Part 2

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Part 2

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I’m back with Part two of three You will learn how to make money from a blog without having to tear your hair out.

Part one can be read here. How to Start a Blog SeriesIf you have stumbled upon this article before reading it, then first let me tell you.

Now that you have both a domain name AND a hosting service, congratulations!

What now?

Next, you will need to:

  1. You want to “point” your domain to your hosting account (associate it with your hosting account),
  2. Install WordPress on your hosting account (and understand the difference between “self-hosted WordPress” and Wordpress.com),
  3. Know how to log into your new WordPress site and get started blogging.

How to Point your Domain to Your Hosting Account

This step is where you are essentially telling your domain name where your hosting is, its internet “address,” so that when someone types in your domain name, they are taken to the content on your hosting account. 

First, find out what your hosting service’s nameservers are.

When you signed up to host, this information is likely to have been sent in an email.

If not, search online for “[your host] nameservers,” for example, “bigscoots nameservers” (without the…

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