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What to do when you feel guilty and shame?

What to do when you feel guilty and shame?

I’ve been in groups of young moms since then who make declarations like, “I forgot her socks when we went to church yesterday. Worst Mother of the Year Award right there!”, to which I coolly reply, “I ran over my child with our 12-passenger van.” That statement tends to shut down conversations of guilt and shame, like a mic drop at the end of a White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s not my intention to belittle another mom, but running over a child in the driveway does tend to put lesser parenting infractions into perspective. It’s hard to imagine that anything I do in the future could be worse.

Parents often feel guilty about unintentional mistakes, such as Cheerios on the floor of the car or feeding their children at 2 AM. But what about when our choices on behalf of our children have larger-than-life lasting consequences, and we just can’t shake the guilt and shame that accompany them?

Telling the truth to ourselves is essential.

What’s the truth? We are hidden with Christ.

What does this mean?

Being “hidden in Christ” means that when God looks at us, He sees Jesus. Consider the significance of this statement. Hidden…

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