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How to make a fake birthday cake

How to make a fake birthday cake

I recently took on a freelance job styling a photoshoot for a big company for Valentine’s Day. One of the requests they made was for one of those cute vintage cakes you may have seen in recent times. I’ve been in love with the over-the-top decoration, intricate piping, and pastel colors of those 50s/60s cakes for ages. They’re just plain ole fun and whimsy! I decided to make my own fake cake for it since I didn’t know any cake decorators who could take it on. Then for a Valentine’s Day exchange I decided to make 20 mini fake cakes to hand out. You could say I’ve caught the baking bug. A few people asked me on Instagram how I made them, so I created a tutorial.

First, here’s the heart cake I made for the shoot.

It was for Crumbl cookies so the hero was the cookies and I’m honestly so relieved you can’t see the sides too well because it was my first time ever piping a cake in my life and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even look up any tutorials because I was in such a time crunch. I’ve since piped quite a few cakes and even though no bride or groom will be hiring me for their big day, I will say that I’ve picked up a few tricks that will help you make your…

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