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How to create your own Palworld server

How to create your own Palworld server

Palworld, 2024’s biggest video game hit, is a runaway success. The game’s mix of Pokemon-like monster collection and open-world survival gameplay have attracted millions of PC and Xbox players. But its multiplayer feature is one of its best features, as it allows players to jump into public servers with friends and strangers. You can also create a dedicated Palworld server for PC if you prefer a private Palworld. 

Palworld servers are dedicated Palworld servers that let you invite friends into a world where their progress will be preserved for as long the server is running. It’s the same concept as if you played Minecraft on your own server. You can also customize your gameplay by using dedicated servers. They let you change settings, or even the difficulty of the game, as well as the rate at which players level up. 

It’s fun to play on your own Palword server, but it takes some effort to set up. We’ve created this guide to help you with the process. It will show you how to host and manage your Palworld server.

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