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How to lift someone up: 47 Powerful Tips


You can make someone else’s life more joyful by making their life easier.


You just see it. When a family member, friend, or coworker’s face lights up with joy, you too will feel happier.

You did something great. Because you know deep down you did a good and right thing, it will make you feel happier. Your self-esteem will also increase.

You get what you put into your life. In the long run – over weeks, months and years – you usually will be treated by others as you treat them. Plus – and this is something I didn’t understand for quite some time – you also tend to treat and think about yourself as you think about and treat other people.

How can you cheer someone who is having a hard time and make their day better?

Let me share 47 things and tips that you can do.

You can try one or two of these today to see if it helps someone in your life.

47 Tips for uplifting someone:

1. Give a sincere compliment.

Take a moment to think about it and then, give a genuine compliment to someone in your life today. It may mean especially much if the compliment is about something close to that person’s heart or if it’s something…

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