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Chris Bailey – How to Calm Your Mind for Hyperfocus


Chris Bailey is our guest on this episode of Lifehack Show. He will share his thoughts about staying focused in a world filled with distractions.

Chris Bailey, a productivity expert and best-selling author, is Chris Bailey. The Productivity ProjectThe book has been translated into eleven different languages. Hyperfocus: How to be more productive in a world of distraction. Chris blogs about productivity and talks to businesses around the world about ways to increase productivity without feeling overwhelmed. A new book has been published by him recently. How to calm your mind in anxious times: Finding Presence & Productivity.

You can read the entire interview here

Here are some insights Chris shared with me during the interview.

The Human Brain is wired to distract

We direct our attention to every new and novel thing because our brain rewards us with a hit of this neurotransmitter – dopamine. Dopamine doesn’t give us pleasure but it makes us feel like pleasure is coming. So when we use our smartphones, we feel anticipation and not pleasure. We never really feel satisfied. This constant anticipation is what keeps the distraction cycle alive.

Because we are so easily distracted,

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