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How I’m Doing An End-Of-Year Blog Audit For 2023 Planning


As you start to plan for 2023, it’s a good time to review how the year went to make better content for the new year.

Next year, what should you prioritise? What content resonated with your target audience? This information can be intuitively gathered, but I prefer to do some analytical digging to find the top-performing posts.

This same process can be used for content marketing platforms. This step-by-step process works for Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

blog audit example from Coley

Blog Audit Steps

1. Start by gathering the data

Let’s take a look at all the blog posts that were most popular in the past year. Note that the newest ones won’t have had as much time to accrue pageviews.

You can pull this data from Google Analytics or I’ve used the Jetpack plugin for WordPress.

Take a look at both your top-performing and bottom-performing posts.

You’ll this as information on what to write about in 2023, what to make adjustments to, and how to create better content for your ideal readers. We’ll be back with more information later.

2. Go through the data and classify them.

It could also mean that your lowest performing posts are not performing well. It doesn’t always mean that the content wasn’t good – or that you shouldn’t continue to post…

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