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How to love yourself and overcome self-hatred

How to love yourself and overcome self-hatred

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Sharon Salzberg

When was the last moment you loved yourself by looking in the mirror? Years had passed since I last extended love to myself. Here’s how I turned my self-hatred to self-love and how it changed my whole life.

Self-love has been something I have avoided at all cost for a very long time. Like many, I had become habituated to the “hustle and grind” mindset. I didn’t realize that I was using this excuse to continue my self-hatred habits.

I was constantly surrounded by voices that told me I had to work hard. There was no escaping the voice that said, “You are not good enough yet! You’re a loser! You don’t deserve success! Keep working harder, or you will remain the same!”

Is this voice telling you the truth?

I felt I deserved to spend time with my friends, but I chose to isolate myself. I was not given the attention that I and my loved ones deserved.

Everyday was a struggle. Nothing was exciting. I lived the same day over and over again, always engulfed by an…

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