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How Embodiment can make you feel more alive (and 5 ways to do it)


“Embodiment is living within, being present within the internal space of the body.” ~Judith Blackstone

As a child, I used to dance every time I heard a pop song. Photos of me dancing are filled with joy and energy. But, at some point, I lost the ability to dance.

If I had to guess, it would be that I stopped dancing after becoming self-conscious. I realized that I wasn’t just being anymore. I began to be aware of my body.

It was then that I began a complicated and long-lasting relationship with my body. My family and friends teased me about being unusually tall and gangly as a teenager. As a young man struggling with my queer identity, I objectified my body; I felt ashamed of how ‘it’ strayed so far from the perceived masculine ideal. My lungs collapsed one day, adding insult to injury.

I spent two years in hospitals, as doctors tried to repair my leaking lungs. My body was a source of immense emotional and physical pain as I had to undergo multiple painful surgeries.

Other challenges were encountered in life. I realized that the experience of being in this body was inherently painful. To…

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