Home DIY Home Gym Cleanup Success (Plus an Overview Of The Program)

Home Gym Cleanup Success (Plus an Overview Of The Program)


Yesterday I spent hours getting the home gymnasium cleaned up so that it was ready for me to start work on it again. Over the last several months, this room had been used as a storage room, workshop, etc., while I was working on the master bathroom remodel, and when I was finished with the bathroom, the unfinished home gym looked like this… Actually, it looked a little worse than that. I didn’t remember to take that picture until after I had taken some things out of the room. But you get the point. It was terrible. I was determined to get the bulk of it cleaned out before I went to bed last night because I didn’t want to spend more time today cleaning up. I wanted to be able walk in and begin working on a project today. This is what the project looked like after many hours of work. I’m pretty proud of my progress! 😀 And I’m very proud of the fact that I didn’t take all of […]

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