Home Featured Historical Expense Tracker for Budgeting (Free Printable).

Historical Expense Tracker for Budgeting (Free Printable).

Historical Expense Tracker for Budgeting (Free Printable).

A Historical expense Tracker is vital because it provides accurate information. Your monthly budget should be established.

Where are all your funds going? If you’re reading this and can’t answer that question, I’m glad you’re here.

If you are new to budgeting, or if your budget is working but you’re having trouble making it work, then tracking historical expenses may be the answer.

Because I want to make budgeting easy for newbies, I don’t tend to be too detailed on finance on CBB.

Today I’ll explain what a historical expense tracker looks like and how it can help you. blog subscribers, you can Print and download It’s yours budget binder for free.

Use A Historical Expense Tracker (Free Printable).

Where is your money going?

How many of us can say we know where our money is going?

If you can’t answer that question, you’ve put yourself in a spot of uncertainty with your finances.

Years ago, before we created our budget, we didn’t think to use a historical expense tracker.

We did what most people would do. It tracks the current expenses to create a budget.

However, we stand firm behind the tracking three months worth of expenses to…

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