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Avoid hiding gifts when sharing a budget


You have finally found the perfect gift to give your partner. You’ve snuck it through the door under your jacket and tucked it away safely in your underwear drawer. They’ll never find it. Yet, after all that tiptoeing around, it’s your budget that gives you away! We’ve got a few tricks to protect your sneaky plans and to prevent YNAB from spoiling the surprise when you’re hiding gifts in plain sight among the purchases in your shared budget.

There are two types of ideas to preserve the gift-giving magic: creative accounting and illusionist tricks. 

Illusionist Tricks for Hiding Gifts

These innovative ideas help you to see through the invisible cloak that is there at the point where you purchase. The breadcrumbs are gone before they can form.

  • Cash is a good option. You can hide your paper trail by visiting an ATM or using cash back on a debit card. This is more practical than creative, granted, but the only way a cash transaction gets into YNAB is if you add it manually, so there’s no risk your partner will see the transaction before it’s gifted.
  • Use a prepaid debit card. Cash isn’t going to cut it for online purchases, but a prepaid debit card will serve the same purpose when you’re buying from a…

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