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Hate Destroys Our Health….

Hate Destroys Our Health….

Hate Neither the receiver nor the giver will see any benefits. Hate floods the circulatory system with stress hormones which clog arteries, and damage the heart. Hate’s by-products anger and violence elevates blood pressure and destroys the digestion system. Anger and revenge are two of the most destructive thoughts that can stop our brains from resting and recharge. Now, Love is a Fostering a relationship that is mutually beneficial between the receiver and giver. Our blood stream is filled with love and feel good hormones. Potent hormones that boost our immune and nervous system. Love Has the power to eradicate hate. So invest in your health. GTake control of your life and Others A daily dose of Love. You should try it. You may even lower your blood pressure. It is that simple.  margiesdaughter.com
Love It is a proven way to improve your health. 

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