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Hate Destroys Our Health….

Hate Destroys Our Health….

Hate Hate has no benefit for either the giver, or receiver. The stress hormones released by hatred clog our arteries and cause damage to the heart. Hate’s by-product anger elevates blood pressure and destroys the digestion system. The brain and nervous system are unable to recharge and rest when they think of revenge. Love is a Nurturing behavior that is beneficial to both the giver as well as the receiver Our bodies are flooded with feel-good hormones when we love.. Potent hormones which strengthen our immune system and nervous system. Love Hatred can be a powerful force that has damaging effects. Investing in your health is a wise investment. GTake yourself to the next level You can also read about other ways to get in touch with us. A daily dose of Love. You can try it. You may even lower your blood pressure. This is so simple.  margiesdaughter.com
Love a proven prescription for sound health… 

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